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All About Tullen

Tullen Snips were made in Auckland, New Zealand from the early 1970’s until the mid-1980’s when the production was shifted to the UK after being purchased by global shaver manufacturer Wilkinson Sword. The production process involved an innovative heat treating process to harden the blades. There were three different versions for different parts of the house and uses. A Kitchen Cutter that was wall mounted for the Kitchen; a handyman version for the garage and harder materials; and a small childrens version suitable for smaller hands that were distributed throughout New Zealand schools.  

The snips became a global success with over 20 million Snips being made and 90% being exported to 30 countries.

Aucklander Dave Salisbury decided to bring the iconic brand back and he thinks that anyone who’s been looking for all-round household cutters has surely been lost in their search. “If you were around in the 70s or 80’s you’ll know how good Tullen Snips were, they were everywhere and could cut virtually anything. They were also in nearly every school because their blunt ends meant they were safer for kids. It’s a remarkable story of a successful kiwi business that, for its time, developed a world class product through market research, problem solving design and innovative manufacturing.”

 “The snips went out of production in the 1980’s and haven’t been available since then. Their popularity never faded and the original versions can still be found in homes throughout New Zealand and across the world. Bringing them back has become a passion."