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Q: Are the Snips dishwasher safe?

A:  The blades are made of Stainless Steel, so can be cleaned in a dishwasher, however given the harsh nature of some detergents, the moving parts with the spring and the lock mechanism, it's best for long term cleaning to hand wash them or wipe with a cloth and just drop back in storage. 

Q: Will I need to sharpen my new Snips?

A: The blades will self-sharpen with use. As the blades are very close together small particles of grit or dirt can make it feel rough. Just give it a wipe, wash or dish-washing. The blades are made of Stainless Steel so can be sharpened with a knife sharpening steel, however care should be taken to not make a gap between the blades as this will impact the cutting action.   

Q: Whats the difference between the Shears and the Snips?

A: Overall, in general, they will both cut pretty much the same things. There is a difference in feel. The Snips have different handles and the blade has a more definitive 'snip' at the end of the cut, so for more subtle finer cuts the snips are more accurate at the point. The snips blades are narrower and there is more flex when put under real pressure vs the shears with a wider blade which retains their shape under pressure. So for accuracy its snips, and for just cutting and not caring about accuracy then shears. 

Q: Where will my order be sent from?

A: Auckland, New Zealand

Q: Are there any other colours?

A: If you would like to suggest any new colours or designs please fill in the contact form.

Q:I have an old pair from the 1970's - whats the best way to sharpen them? 

A: The original version did not have a very sharp blade originally and the cutting force was more of a shearing action, so it may be that the blades have a small gap. You can try a combination of using a file (or knife sharpening steel) or bending the blades to try to extract some more life out of them.