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Tullen Snips - Orange with Holder

  • The world’s most versatile household utility snips with a convenient holder. So you'll always know where to find them!

    The Snips innovative design makes cutting easy. Designed to cut virtually anything with ease.  

    Useful in the Kitchen for cutting food like Poultry, Seafood, Crayfish, Lobster, Bacon, Meat or Vegetables like Spring Onion, Rhubarb, Broccoli or Beans. Cut the stems of a bouquet of fresh Flowers. Maybe you need to go to the herb garden and cut some herbs or open some packaged food and need to cut through cardboard, plastic or twine.

    Valuable in your stationery drawer opening packages or cutting open boxes. Wire, plastic, cables ties, tape or wrapping. Opening blister or clam shell packets of batteries which can be hard work for normal scissors.

    Crafting is a breeze. Cut through paper, string, wire, thin metal, plastic, leather, fabric. When you need more than scissors Tullen Snips do the job.  

    Garage and Workshop tasks are no problem. Rubber, Foam, Carpet, Vinyl, Canvas, Plastic Containers and more for all those problem cutting jobs when scissors are just not enough and you need some real cutting power.

    For recycling, separate the plastic from the cardboard with ease. 

    Around the house, the uses are endless and you'll be surprised how often your Tullen Snips rise to the challenge. 

    Spring loaded with an ergonomic design for both left and right handed to optimise the natural strength of your hand. Easily stored in a drawer, toolbox or hung in a handy location for each convenient use. 

    Self sharpening and easy to clean. 

    The holder is easily attached to a wall with the included screws or adhesive tape. 

    NB: All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Tony Russell
Then and now

I can well remember the original Tullen Snips. They were good, but not as good as the new model. I bought a pair back earlier in the year (2021) and was so impressed with them that I bought numerous more pairs to give at Christmas. Reactions of the recipients were mixed and varied,. Some folk applauded the new release, while others in the younger age group hadn't heard of Tullen - period! BUT . . . . the feedback was nothing but positive, with the snips having been put through their paces and (as you claim) cutting almost anything presented to them. This just has to be a thoroughly positive success story, and it can only get better with time!

Iona Waller

I bought several pairs as gifts and they have been a huge hit with eveyone.

Steve Jamieson

Now all the family have one of these - just as I remember them

Every house should have a Tullen snip

So glad these are back 👍

James Keenan
just like i had when i was growing up

never liked real scissors after that, haha

Hadley Amaru
Great reliable product!

Excellent all purpose snips. Very durable and reliable, Has been tested in the garage cutting through thick rubber and plastics. Has become our go to.

Hilton Dalgety
The Best snips to be had.

I have two pairs of the original snips & still use them everyday & when i found they were still getting made, i had to buy another 3 sets that will be used as Xmas presents for my kids. They are so damned versatile they will cut virtually anything. I have a set in the Pantry & a set in my shed always at hand.